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Yves Alix

Young french painting, Post-cubism

(Fontainebleau, 1890 - Paris, 1969)

Yves Alix

After a figurative beginning, Yves Alix is ​​interested in cubism in 1913, applying to it his personal interpretations but keeping the tones. During the 1920s and 1930s the artist's work will be marked by a return to a certain classicism resulting in an expressionist period, followed by an attraction to nature. Finally, from 1946, the light color, construction and simplification of the line guide the work of the painter for three decades.

Parallel to his pictorial and graphic creations, the artist creates the sets and costumes for performances of Molière's works, Henri Bernstein, William Shakespeare, Maurice Ravel and Richard Wagner. He produced murals for the liner Normandie, a pavilion for the International Exhibition of 1937 and the La Colombe d'Or in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Yves Alix is ​​the author of illustrations for the works of Sophocles, Henri de Montherlant, Fernand Fleuret, Alphonse Daudet. He designed models for the domestic furniture, cartoons for tapestries of the Gobelins and that of Aubusson.

In 1939, he finished writing notes on art, 1912-1940: evidence, look at the work of painters he experienced between the years 1912 and 1939.

Since 1912, his works were presented in the Salon, in a hundred group exhibitions and solo shows twenty-eight. His paintings are held in many public collections in Paris National Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, in the National Fund of Contemporary Art, to Albi Toulouse-Lautrec Museum in Amiens , in Epinal, in La Rochelle, the museum of fine arts Lyon, Orleans, Pont-Aven, as well as abroad in Algiers, Jakarta, Moscow, Rabat, Riga, Tokyo and Skopje.

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