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Serge Poliakoff

Tachism, Abstraction,Gouache

  • Composition

Serge Poliakoff

(Moscou, 1900 – Paris, 1969)

Composition, 1962

Gouache on paper
signed lower right
46 x 61 cm

Provenance    :
- Galerie Kriegel, Paris
- Galerie Bellechasse, Paris

Serge Poliakoff, Catalogue Raisonné, Volume III 1959-1962 by Alexis Poliakoff, Munich, 2011, described and reproduced in color on p. 326 under no. 62-113

Certificate of authenticity by Mrs. Marcelle Poliakoff, wife of the artist, dated October 7, 1976

Serge Poliakoff's meetings with his Russian compatriots and painters Wassilly Kandinky and Sonia Delaunay as well as with the German sculptor and painter Otto Freundlich will be decisive in his artistic life. Inspired and admiring of their work, Poliakoff made the choice, as early as 1938, of a non-figurative painting, without concession or compromise and without any allusion to nature.

Indeed, Poliakoff has its own perception of abstraction and develops a very personal style and immediately recognizable. His painting results from his research on shapes, colors and matter, and how to make them vibrate in space.

"I like all colors. I never think about the color I will use. The most important thing is the sound, not the colors. There must be light (...) In order to be a true painter, one must try to touch the point where Art, Science and Chemistry meet, as Giotto realized. "
Serge Poliakoff

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