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Robert Couturier


  • Le Couple, Homme debout et Femme debout

Robert Couturier

(Angoulême, 1905-Paris, 2008)

Le Couple, Homme debout et Femme debout, 2002

Two original bronze proofs with golden patina forming a pair 
Lost-wax casting by Émile Godard
Each proof :
- inscribed with the mark of the founder on the terrace E. GODARD / CIRE PERDUE
- Signed on the terrace Couturier
- Numbered on the terrace 1/6

Dimensions of Homme debout  :
Height: 53 cm     Profile: 8 cm

Dimensions of Femme debout  :
Height: 62 cm     Profile: 8 cm

Bronze executed in 2002 and cast during the artist's lifetime
Each proof is unique

Provenance   :
- Robert Couturier
- Private collection, Paris

Certificate of authenticity by Olivier Lorquin dated February 17, 2020


In an overall photo of Robert Couturier's studio, we can see the original plaster of Femme debout, which has since been destroyed in a fire. This photo was published in the book Visite à Robert Couturier by Nicole Gdalia, Éditions Caractères, Paris, 2000, reproduced on page 67.
Robert Couturier first designed Femme debout, then in 2002 made Homme debout to bring them together and form a couple. Initially, this work was designed for a bronze edition numbered out of six, only the 1/6 pair was drawn. The original plasters having been destroyed and the artist having died, the bronze edition will de facto be limited to an unique bronze .

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