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Albert Lebourg

Impressionnism, Post-Impressionnism, School of Rouen

(Montfort-sur-Risle, 1849 - Rouen, 1928)

Albert Lebourg was born on February 1, 1849 in Montfort-sur-Risle. After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Rouen, he taught drawing in Algiers from 1872 to 1877. During his stay, his palette lightened. On his return to Paris, while attending the studio of Jean-Paul Laurens, he began to sell his paintings and participated in the municipal exhibition of Rouen in 1878. Then in 1880, he joined the clan and the Impressionists, participating twice in exhibitions of the "Group of Independents."
Thereafter, he deviated from this movement. His very independent character made him follow his own path, one that was more balanced, more "Norman" perhaps? He also lead the head of the School of Rouen - Rouen was branch of the Impressionist Movement.
His production developed and his works multiplied and sold. He exhibited for the first time only in 1896. A tireless traveler, he painted Normandy, Auvergne, Holland, Switzerland, England.

But it is his water landscapes, especially that of the Seine, which seem to have a preference: the quays of Paris and the apse of Notre Dame, the ports of the Paris region, but also Rouen where he stayed several times and where he retired at the end of his life. He went traveling around the surroundings of Rouen : Croisset, Dieppedalle, Oissel ... and La Bouille, where he particularly liked and where he spent many summers.
In 1920, at the peak of his career, he suffered a stroke and became hemiplegic.
In 1923, an exhibition was dedicated to him at the Galerie Georges Petit in Paris and Léonce Bénédite wrote his biography.
Albert Lebourg died January 6, 1928 in Rouen, leaving behind a considerable output of nearly 3000 works! He is buried in the monumental cemetery of Rouen.

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