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Ossip Zadkine

Sculpture, Cubism, Expressionnism, Montparnasse

Ossip Zadkine

(Vitebsk, Biélorussie, 1890 - Paris, 1967)

Tendresse Maternelle, 1958

Original proof in bronze with light brown patina
This bronze is on its original black marble base
Signed with the initials on the back of the right leg OZ  
Numbered on the back of the right leg 3/6
Lost wax casting by Susse Fondeur with the signature of the founder on the back of the right leg Susse Fondeur Paris
Height: 12 cm; Length: 32 cm; Width: 15 cm

Edition of 6 copies + 3 artist's proofs 
Edition of the original legal bronze cast after a terracotta started in 1966 at Susse Fondeur
Our proof n° 3/6 was commissioned during the artist's lifetime (14 September 1967) and invoiced by Susse Fondeur on 23 January 1969
The proof 5/6 is in the collections of the Musée Zadkine, Paris (Inv. MZS 87)

Provenance :
- Mr Guy Nairay
- Private collection, USA

Exhibitions :
- Zadkine, Galerie Schmit, Paris, 15 April - 15 May 1970, Paris, another proof reproduced in catalogue n° 7
- Zadkine, Hirschl and Adler Galleries, New York, 7 - 31 December 1971, another proof reproduced n° 68

Literature :
- Zadkine l'artiste et le poète by Ionel Jianou, Journal Artcurial, Paris, but 1979, another proof no. 424
- Ossip Zadkine, La sculpture... toute une vie by Gaston-Louis Marchal, éd. du Rouergue, Rodez, 1992, another proof reproduced p. 258
- Musée Zadkine sculptures, preface by Sylvain Lecombre, Paris Musées, éd. des musées de la ville de Paris, Paris, 1989, the proof from the Musée Zadkine collections described (under the title Tendresse) and reproduced on p. 196, no. 201
- Ossip Zadkine L'Oeuvre Sculpté by Sylvain Lecombre, Paris Musées, éd. des musées de la ville de Paris, Paris, 1994, another print described and reproduced p. 551, n° 501


Tendresse Maternelle : other views of our sculpture:

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