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André Lanskoy

Cubism, Abstraction, School of Paris

  • Prolongée dans la Nuit

André Lanskoy

(Moscow, 1902- Paris, 1976)

Prolongée dans la Nuit, 1957

Oil on canvas 
Signed and dated lower right LaNSKOY
Titled and dated on the back Prolongée / dans / la nuit / 57
60 x 73 cm


Provenance : 
- Albert Loeb Gallery, New York, (label on the back on the stretcher)
- Galerie Louis Carré & Co, Paris, (label on the back of the frame)
- Private collection, Paris

Literature : 
Will be included in the Catalogue raisonné de l’Œuvre d’André Lanskoy currently being prepared by the comité Lanskoy

Notice of inclusion in the Catalogue raisonné de l’Œuvre d’André Lanskoy signed by Michel Népomiastchy for the Comité Lanskoy, dated March 19, 2021

"Color plays a determining role. It is, however, only a little later and precisely when he worked on "black background", that Lanskoy seems to develop a Russian sense of color, that which constitutes the heritage of Russian popular and religious art and culture. The contrasts of the large curved figurative compositions of the years 1938-1940, of all the frank and vivid palette that he uses and that he relates to a black that inks the light inside the painting itself. Lanskoy's palette recalls, at that time, the depth of colored contrasts dear to Russia and its age-old traditions, inscribed in popular or religious art, which, moreover, experienced an unexpected revival in the context of emigration. Such a use of color betrays the most delicious quest that the art of painting knows: light. From then on, Lanskoy would not cease to put his sole subject - painting - in the light, returning to a "two-dimensionality" that Jean-Claude Marcadé emphasizes and relates to Russian modernity and the art of the icon. The distribution of light, whether the paper is white and it must dig the shadows, or dark and it must extract the light, he mastered these processes to the end and the art of mosaic that he practiced for the mosaics of Ravenna started in 1973, three years before he died.
Charlotte Waligora, André Lanskoy : De Saint-Pétersbourg à « Byzance » – Pour un autre spirituel dans l’art, article published by the MAM of Villeneuve d'Ascq on the occasion of the exhibition Andre Lanskoy, 2011.


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