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Francis Picabia

Post-Impressionism, Abstract Art, Cubism, Dada, Surralism, Transparencies

  • Bord de mer ou la Plage à Martigues ?

Francis Picabia

(1879 - Paris - 1953)

Bord de mer ou la Plage à Martigues ?, Circa 1902-1903

Oil on canvas pasted on cardboard
Signed lower right Picabia
19,5 x 50,4 cm

Executed around 1902-1903, probably in Martigues 

Provenance :
Former Dr. Arthur Brandt collection, New York

Literature :
Francis Picabia Catalogue raisonné, volume I (1898-1914), by William A. Camfield, Beverley Calté, Candace Clements, and Arnauld Pierre, Mercatorfonds, Brussels, 2014, described and reproduced in color p. 183, no. 64, Inv. 2423

Certificate by Mr. Pierre Calté for the Comité Picabia dated March 16, 2001.


Martigues, postcard from the fifties

In 1898, Francis Picabia discovered Martigues, a town in the Bouches-du-Rhône in Provence. The artist stayed there regularly until 1906, painting numerous landscapes in a style often influenced by Impressionism.  

Francis PiCABIA - Martigues, 1902 - Oil on canvas


Francis PiCABIA - Martigues, 1905 - Oil on canvas - Musée Félix Ziem, Martigues


Dr. Arthur Brandt

As a teenager in the 1950s, Arthur Brandt met Marcel Duchamp by chance during a chess game in Washington Square Park. A. Brandt did not recognize Duchamp but admired his pipe, being himself with a meerschaum pipe, and the two men bet their pipes on chess. A. Brandt won the game and received the pipe curiously painted in Duchamp's hand. Twenty-five years later, A. Brandt would begin collecting art from the Dada and Surrealist periods by Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Man Ray, Kurt Seligman and Francis Picabia. In the early 1980s, Brandt met private dealer Timothy Baum who became his advisor, helping to guide Brandt's purchases and nurture his interest in Dada and Surrealism. As his collection grew, A. Brandt's interest in Cubism, Futurism and the Russian Avant-Garde expanded. 
Dr. Brandt collected all mediums, amassing one of the finest collections of Surrealist and Dada paintings, sculptures, objects, works on paper and photographs.




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