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Louis Valtat


  • Châtons de noisetier et de saule

Louis Valtat

(Dieppe, 1869 - Paris, 1952)

Châtons de noisetier et de saule, Circa 1920

Oil on canvas
Signed lower left L. Valtat
65 x 81 cm

Literature :
Will be included in the Catalogue Raisonné de l’Oeuvre de Louis Valtat currently being prepared by the association Les Amis de Louis Valtat

Certificate of authenticity by Mr Julien Valtat for the Comité Valtat, Saint-Brès on November 1st 2022

Louis Valtat had a passion for his gardens. Whether in his property in Anthéor on the Côte d'Azur until 1914 or in Choisel in the Yvelines, the painter took particular care of this natural setting which became a source of inspiration. Valtat cultivated many varieties of flowers, but also fruit, which he used in his paintings; flowers are one of the artist's most famous and sought-after subjects.

Châtons de noisetier et de saule was painted around 1920, when Valtat, in his fifties, was in full command of his art. The influence of Japanese art (as well as that of Van Gogh) is evident in this composition, where the floral arrangement is characterised by simplicity of subject, minimalism and a certain asymmetry. The bouquet of hazel and willow catkins in the glazed stoneware pot, the ivy leaves in the foreground and the warm colour palette with shades of ochre, bronze, gold and hazelnut naturally evoke the autumnal season.

Louis VALTAT, Cruche, groseilles rouges et blanches, 1927, oil on canvas, Private collection 

Vincent VAN GOGH, Roses et anémones, 1890, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris



Hazelnut tree in bloom                                   Willow sticks

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