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Henri matisse


  • Henriette lisant ou Henriette à la lecture

Henri matisse

(Cateau-Cambrésis, 1869 - Nice, 1954)

Henriette lisant ou Henriette à la lecture, Nice, circa 1922

Charcoal and stump on paper
Signed lower right HENRI MATISSE
47.5 x 31.5 cm

Provenance    :
- Henri Matisse, France
- Eustache de Lorey collection, (acquired directly from the artist)
- Private collection (acquired from Eustache de Lorey in 1953, then remained in the same family)

Literature   :
Collection of photographer Marc Vaux (1895-1971), section Matisse Henri, Kandinsky library, MNAM, Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, available online (Ref. MV 1202 17/23)


Certificate of registration to the Archives Henri Matisse signed by Mr. Georges MATISSE on October 25, 2019


Henriette Darricarrère posed regularly for Henri MATISSE between 1920 and 1927.
If she was the main model of the famous Odalisques that the painter produced from 1921 to 1928, her name remains identified with a famous series of portraits, sculpted by the Artist from 1925 to 1929.


Henri Matisse with his model Henriette posing for Liseuse au guéridon, 1921
Photo of Marguerite Matisse

Henri Matisse - Liseuse à l’ombrelle, 1921 - oil on canvas - Coll. Tate Modern, London

In 1917, Matisse left Paris to settle in Nice where he produced some of his most emblematic works. More often, the artist represents his model in an interior scene and in an intimate setting, focusing on human expressions and emotions.

Matisse met Henriette Darricarrère in 1920, when she was nineteen years old. For the next seven years, she was his main model and one of his favorites. It embodies the artistic and psychological atmosphere of the Niçoise Period, (1920-1927). In the Master's studio, place Charles-Félix, Henriette was represented in a wide variety of activities, practicing on the violin or on the piano, playing checkers, painting with an easel or reading. The young woman excelled in role-playing and her theatrical presence fueled the evolution of Matisse's art. Previously, the Lorette and Antoinette models had initiated the fantasy of exotic odalisques, but it was Henriette who best personified the Matissian Odalisque.
In the many paintings and drawings that represent her, we find the distinctive physical characteristics that are specific : her sculptural body, the finely detailed oval face and regular features.

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