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Roberto Matta

Surrealism, Automatism

  • Luci d'Altrove

Roberto Matta

(Santiago - Chile, 1911 – Civitavecchia - Italy, 2002)

Luci d'Altrove, 1985

Oil on canvas
Signed lower left Matta
Signed, titled and numbered on the back
Luci d'altrove

104,5 x 94,8 cm


This work is integrated into the database of DIGITARCHIVES and will be reproduced in the Catalogue Raisonné de Matta currently being prepared by Mr Ramuntcho Matta

Certificate of authenticity by Mr Ramuntcho Matta established in Paris on 12 October 2017.


"I start by staining the canvas, and in the spot I seek something, something that is not known, that is not seen, something new to me, unknown, and I work it up, to make it even more unknown. " - Matta


When Matta realizes his works, he conceives what he calls the "open cube", a sort of space of "spatial projection of his unconscious" because in the artist there is a real desire to invent a space beyond realistic space. A skillful game between mastery and chance, between the full and the empty, order and disorder.

Luci d'altrove is a beautiful illustration of this concept. The work unfolds like a bubbling tale of visions. There is a kind of passion and movement in the four directions of the space of the painting, where the gaze tries to cling to figures more or less figurative and enigmatic, giving free rein to interpretations.

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