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Claudio Bravo

Hyperrealism, Portraits, Trompe-l'oeil

  • Portrait de Leland Rosenberg et de son fils

Claudio Bravo

(Valparaiso, Chili, 1936 - Taroudant, Marc, 2011)

Portrait de Leland Rosenberg et de son fils, 1968

Coloured pencils on cardboard
Signed and dated lower left
101.5 x 71.6 cm


Leland Rosenberg, the famous Swiss attorney, rubbed shoulders all his life with the personalities of the high political sphere. Emeritus polo player and great seducer, he frequented the international jet set as well as the Hollywood stars. Born in Switzerland in the 1920s, after law school, he moved to America from 1946. He worked for the United Nations and lived between the United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Befriended by the son of Barbara Hutton (Woolworth empire), he met his Dominican husband, Porfirio Rubirosa, for whom he worked as a lawyer and private secretary. Later, Leland Rosenberg met Rafael Trujillo, son of the dictator of the Dominican Republic, who employed him as personal secretary. Rosenberg obtained Dominican nationality and moved to Berlin as an Ambassador. He married the niece of the Shah of Iran. In 1961, General Trujillo was assassinated and the new government removed from Leland Rosenberg his Dominican nationality.

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