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Frantisek Kupka


  • Paestum

Frantisek Kupka

(Opočno, 1871 - Puteaux, 1957)

Paestum, 1923

Pencil, pen and India ink with white gouache on paper
Signed lower right
Titled on the lower left
37.8 x 27 cm

Literature :
La Création dans les arts plastiques by Frantisek Kupka, Prague, 1923, reprint, Paris, 1989, reproduced on p. 68

Certificate of authenticity by Mr. Pierre Brullé, Paris on March 22, 2019


La Création dans les arts plastiques  is a collection of Kupka texts written directly in French and written between 1910 and 1913. Contemporary of the entry of the artist into abstraction, this book is the theoretical counterpart of his painting. It is a major reflection of the artist on the nature of art, its project and its means.
This book will not appear until 1923, in Prague in Czech translation, illustrated with drawings and diagrams of the author. It will then be reprinted in French in 1989, Éditions du Cercle d'Art, Paris.

Frantisek Kupka - Doric column -  Illustration for La Créations des Arts Plastiques


Temple of Poseidon in Paestum (detail)


Paestum is a Roman archaeological site located in southern Italy. Originally, it was a Greek colony, founded in 600 BC. J.C., and bearing the name of Poseidonia.
This site has three Greek Doric temples (archaic and classical epochs). The second temple of Hera, said temple of Poseidon, is the most recent, it was built around 450 BC. J.C

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