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Pablo Picasso

Blue Period, Pink Period, Cubism, surrealism, Ingres Period

  • Etude pour Lysistrata

Pablo Picasso

(Malaga, 1881 – Mougins, 1973)

Etude pour Lysistrata, 30 November 1933

Pencil on paper Velin
Located, dated and numbered on the back Paris 30 Novembre XXXIII - (VII)
Stamp from the Pablo Picasso estate with the handwritten inventory number on the back "1123/15"
20 x 26.7 cm

Provenance     :
- Picasso estate 
- Marina Picasso, the artist's granddaughter

Exhibition   :
Galerie Jan Krugier, Geneva (label on the back of the montage)

Certificate of authenticity and provenance by the Picasso Estate established by Picasso Authentification, in Paris on November 12, 2019, under the direction of Mr. Claude Ruiz Picasso

Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes written in 411 BC. AD
In this one-act play, women, like Amazons, rebel against male domination and take power.

Picasso illustrated an English edition of Lysistrata by Aristophanes, published by Limited Editions Club, New York in 1934. Edition of 1500 copies with 6 original full page etchings printed in black and 34 lithographs printed in red brown in the text, made from his drawings.

Our drawing, Study for Lysistrata, is unpublished. He describes a banquet scene with many characters, mostly women, a glass of wine in hand. The female profiles take on the features of Picasso's muse, Marie-Thérèse Walter (1909-1977). Between 1927 and 1935, Marie-Thérèse became Picasso's companion and inspirer. From 1931, they lived together at the Château de Boisgeloup near Gisors in Normandy, where the first neoclassical sculptures by Picasso were made, representing the face of Marie-Thérèse Walter.


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